Sport & Events : our quick to install inflatable solutions

Designed for the events and sports sector, our wide range of innovative lightweight products meet the needs of our customers who require modular, customisable and easy to install structures.

Our inflatable solutions are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to their low weight, they are easy to store, transport and deploy.

The customisation of these products allows you to increase the visibility of your brand.


Event shelter

Make a difference at your events with our shelter!

Its specific shape will allow you to maximise the protected area, and thus accommodate up to 50 people!

The structure is maintained without noise or energy, it can be divided into modules of 3, 4 or 5 metres in length and can easily be placed in a vehicle (it takes up the space of a sports bag). AirCaptif has created this concept of expandable shelter (the modules can be attached to each other without limit of number) and configurable (by means of double walls) for all types of events.

100% customizable, this shelter guarantees your brand a great visibility.

Movie screen

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, our inflatable screens are revolutionary because of their lightness, small size, resistance and speed of installation (less than 5 minutes).

The projection surface is 16/9 and the structures are equipped with extensions according to their size. They are available in several sizes.


Once erected, these screens do not require a blower (no noise during projection).


We also offer giant screens in blown air (from 8 to 24m).

Air Drone Arena

The Air Drone Arena is an innovation designed specifically for the practice of Drone Soccer.

It also allows initiation to the piloting and demonstration of drones in a safe way.

This flat-roofed cage is ideal for indoor and outdoor performances.

The Air Drone Arena can be inflated in 7 minutes and keeps its pressure for several days. Lightweight and easily collapsible, it fits into a 72lb carry bag.

It is available in XL size.

Stand-up table

Essential furniture for temporary catering areas.

For the organisation of professional or entertainment events, AirCaptif has created a cylindrical table which, in addition to being highly flexible and customisable, offers the great advantage of being able to be easily folded into small spaces.

It only takes a minute to set up.

Inflatable sofa

This sofa is usually intended for the children of our Piou Piou clubs of the French Ski School so that they are no longer sitting in the snow during their snack break.

It is easy to move around thanks to its low weight of 30lb, and remains inflated for several days. It can be stored outside without being deflated.

Its generous size of 4m in length leaves plenty of room for advertising.

When folded and stored, it takes up very little space.

Igloo tent

In a sector where the offer is abundant, AirCaptif distinguishes its solution by giving the customer the free possibility to customize his tent at will thanks to interchangeable covers on the 3 sides.

The same tent can thus be adapted to different events.

Lightweight, compact, self-contained and quick to set up, this product is an ideal solution for events.

Advertising column

AirCaptif has revisited the design of the classic advertising columns.

This communication support is ideal to enhance your brand.

With all the advantages of lightness and autonomy, these columns have a small storage space.


Light and compact, this arch is easy to install.

Well braced, it will stand silently on its own and will accompany you during your events.

Its shape offers a large surface for customisation.

Snow tunnel

Lightweight and compact, it is easy to transport and store.

Resistant and autonomous, this snow tunnel is quick and easy to install.

Designed for the development of your ski resort, it creates a tunnel of several tens of metres in order to create crossings, toboggan runs or play areas.

These developments will generate thousands of passages and will delight skiers.