Medical : our innovations for the emergency sector

AirCaptif has developed a range of products dedicated to the medical emergency sector.

We implement temporary medical structures, with containment zones (white or grey rooms).

The overpressure or underpressure of these spaces allows the protection of immunocompromised or surgical patients.

These shelters allow you to set up in a few minutes on the site of the operation.


Orano project - Customisable controlled atmosphere chamber

The Orano Group, AirCaptif and Cir Médical are developing a controlled atmosphere inflatable chamber, designed to remedy the saturation of hospitals in the context of a health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vacuum/overpressure clean room

Vacuum/overpressure cleanrooms are fully customisable controlled atmosphere chambers that can be made operational in 40 minutes by 2 operators.

The polyurethane chamber is sealed and held together by a rigid inflatable structure.

These rooms are an enclosed space where the concentration of particulate matter is controlled to minimise the introduction, generation and retention of dust or other contaminants.

ISO 7 particulate classification.

MICHELIN AirProne: airbags for the treatment of intensive care patients

This class 1 medical device aims to reduce the prevalence of pressure sores, improve ventilatory constants and comfort for prone patients.

The MICHELIN AirProne kit consists of cushions for the head, thorax, pelvis, right arm, left arm, knees and shins.

These cushions provide better pressure distribution and positioning of the patient.

The particularly complex headrest provides ear release, lateral support and pressure distribution. The 3D fabric allows the evacuation of secretions and limits the sweating effects of pressure.