Construction: our inflatable shelters for your construction sites

For professionals, we now offer a range of ultra-light, modular shelters that allow you to maintain your construction schedule regardless of the weather.

These ultra-compact products take up little space and are easy to install.

They are real assets for generating additional turnover and customer satisfaction.


Shelter for pool manufacturer

Are you a pool manufacturer or renovator?

This shelter will allow you to continue your work in all weather conditions.

This pool shelter can cover most pools in a few minutes and for several days.

It is water and dust proof and will allow you to regulate the temperature and renew the air for resin or liner installation work.

Examples of uses for our site tents for pool builders: Pool construction tent/ Pool renovation tent/ Liner installation tent/ Resin installation tent/ Reinforced PVC installation tent/ Weather protection tent (wind, rain, dust, sand, earth, ...)/ Extreme temperature protection tent

Dome shelter

The structure is maintained without noise or energy, it can be divided into modules of 3, 4 or 5 metres in length and easily fits into a vehicle (taking up the space of a sports bag).

AirCaptif has created this concept of expandable shelter (the modules can be attached to each other without limit of number) and configurable (by means of double walls) for all types of use.